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Visiting Karli and Padheiput village of Koraput Area on 10 March, 2020.

Our staff of Koraput Area visited Karli and Padheiput village on 10 March, 2020 to see the result of their teachings. After encouraging the people of Karli and Padheiput villages, they farmed in their kitchen gardens, which was the main source of financial support for them. They have benefited greatly from the cultivation of eggplants, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, chillies and other vegetables. Through such saplings, they have also been able to plant trees in open spaces, which have provided financial assistance to them and the families of the village. In this way, they were advised to benefit from farming. People were encouraged to work for the betterment of the village. Finally, the brother Nabin Chandra Hiredika thanked everyone.


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