Health & Hygiene

Teaching through awareness camps solves many of the health related problems of inhabitants of the rural areas.

a) Drinking & using safe water: Time to time,Brethren In Christ Church dig open wells, tube well sand renovate water reservoirs (chua) to make drinking water available& and also to protect the people from water borne diseases.

b) Cleaning clothes & houses: Brethren In Christ Church emphasizes&teaches the targeted area people groups to wear clean clothes and to keep the surrounding clean to create a healthy environment.

c) Visiting hospitals for treatment: Many village level people believe&depend on witch doctors than the medical doctors.Brethren In Christ Church bring awareness with counseling among them and look for opportunities to establish clinics in the unreached areas.

d) Deforestation: Brethren In Christ Church works on motivating people to avoid cutting& burning trees with the awareness of Global warming.