Church History

churchThe Brethren In Christ Church, Odisha was founded in the year 1984 to adopt numerous welfare programs and to impart spiritual, social and moral teaching to the members of the churches and others.

The organization strives for community based social services in the target areas or in the selected communities. It’s a noble effort to fight against corruption, discrimination and to mobilize a society free from conflicts.

It is registered under India Societies Registration Act, under provision of Section XXI of Indian Societies Registration Act 1860 having the Registration No. 23330/50 of 2011-12. The auspicious date of Registration is June 29, 2011. Brethren In Christ Church has FCRA and 12A Registration Number.

Brethren In Christ Church is committed to perform different activities on the following areas, such as Rural Development, Health care, Environmental protection, Rural Sanitation program, Peace and Harmony, Awareness on Road safety, Disaster Assistance, Self-Income generation, Training children and Adults with education, Health & Hygiene, village cleaning, Drinking water, Forest preservation, Planting trees for Oxygen and rain, Improvement of Agricultural methods, to make our people true citizens of India and to be loyal to the Government authorities.

Our main objective is to create a clean, green, pollution free environment and a broad based society aiming at universal brotherhood, free from abuses and to live in a peaceful and cordial environment, to develop a high standard of quality living of youth by promoting and empowering their all round socio-economic condition. We need to hold programs for the socially deprived target groups, Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Minor communities, literacy, health services, self-employment cum income generating activities. We believe in women empowerment to enhance the society and to uplift the poor and the needy people.