What We Believe


Brethren In Christ Church is an Evangelical Church, whose roots come from Anabaptist belief. The Church believes in Adult baptism, holiness, peaceful living, to be a true disciple of Christ, witnessing to people through their lives and conduct, pay due respect to the rulers and government authorities, also to do Evangelism and help the needy and poor. The Bible is an authoritative Word of God and believing in God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit as well as believe in church worship and fellowship.

The Brethren In Christ Church has many aims and objectives which are as follows:

  • To keep co-operation and harmony among the people of the society.
  • To teach regarding the moral life and character of the members of the society as well as the villagers.Teaching villagers how to maintain discipline and harmony among the villagers.
  • To develop their cultural lives and how the people need to know about arts, literature and other relevant subjects.
  • To develop social service such as relief to the distressed, hit by natural calamities, promotion of adult literacy and moral standards and other such socio – economics activities for the up- liftment of down-trodden.
  • To start children’s home, dispensaries, schools, orphanages approved by the society.
  • To establish Institutions such as innovative school, non-formal education center, adults education , music school, residential school, for SC & ST, physical handicapped school.
  • To carry out different programs being sponsored by Central Social welfare board and other social welfare societies or under Govt. of India through voluntary agency including foreign agencies.
  • To work for Aids awareness program.
  • To affiliate with voluntary agencies and other agencies for developmental activities and relief programmes.
  • To organise jobs for women and orphans to empower the people for taking charge of their own development and functional skill.
  • To participate in the agricultural, cottage industry development projects mainly in rural areas.
  • To emphasis on Income Generating projects like plantation of cashew, small poultry unit, dairy, Bee keeping, Fishery, handicraft creation and weaving.
  • To conduct, promote and foster scientific research in the areas of agriculture, biotechnology, energy, engineering, environment, genetics, medical, drugs and pharmacy.
  • To launch a drive against child marriage, crime against untouchables, Aids, Alcoholism, Drug abuse, population explosion, poverty, Hunger and unemployment.
  • To give medical facilities to the poor people and create awareness in hygiene and healthy habits. To organise Eye and Blood donation camps by the youth.
  • To train young men and women in health, education and first aid methods.
  • To implement projects for low cost, housing low cost sanitary latrine, tube well, bio-gas plants, plantation programmes for the better environment for rural areas as well as town areas and promotion of Herbal Medicine/ Homeopathy.
  • To organize socio-economic programs for childfree, women and non students.
  • To build libraries and reading rooms.
  • To help the needy and poor irrespective of caste and creed with support of cloths books, food, medical and whenever necessary and possible and in practical feeing and clothing and giving medial aid to lepers and slum dwellers.
  • To look after destitute  and aged man and women in need of assistance and rehabilitation by opening rehabilitation centres.
  • To undertake any work to give relief to leprosy patients and their rehabilitation and to start any business or industry to support the projects undertaken by the society .
  • To lunch a drive against early child marriage , untouchables crime, communal tension, Aids, Alcoholism, Drug Abuse , population explosion , Dropouts, illiteracy,poverty , Hunger and unemployment etc. To take adequate steps for removal of dowry system from locality .
  • To provide legal adid to rural poor with the co-ordination of district legal aid cell with free of cost.
  • To give medical facilities to the poor people and create awareness in Hygienic and health habits, To organize Eye and Blood donation camps by the Youths.
  • To train Young men and women in health , education first aid methods mass immunization, nutrition and balanced diets so that they can tackle their health problems and also to get global medical help through internet systems.
  • To organize film shows in consolation with the publicity unit topics especially on social awareness themes and documentaries, To create awareness of rural youth towards the public distribution systems.
  • To undertake programs of housing and tourism development work.
  • To do all such acts as area incidental and conducive to the attainment of the above objects of the society.
  • Utilize properly funds of the society.