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Annual Prayer Conference at Kodisor, Rayagada, Odisha:

It was April 31, 2019 morning, when 5 of our staff started to go to Nuagaon hostel. The next day we went to Kodisor to speak in the Annual Prayer meeting. We were glad to see that there were about 600 believers (both men and women) attending the prayer conference. They were all seated on the ground on the tree leaf on the top to protect themselves from terrible heat. Bishop Dr. Bijoy K. Roul shared the Word of God twice.
[Annual Prayer Conference at Kodisor, Rayagada, Odisha]
During the conference, many people surrendered their lives to Christ. There was singing, sharing their testimonies and praying together was also a wonderful experience for each one of us. We thank the Lord that even though it was extremely hot and humid, and there were no fans, but still all the people (local believers) were sitting silently and patiently listening to the Word of God. Many people accepted the Lord and were blessed by this Conference. Thereafter, we returned back to Nuagaon hostel again on May 1st, 2019.

Church Dedication at Gadaramaha, Kandhamal, Odisha:

On May 2nd, 2019 the next day morning at around 7:00 A.M., 8 of our staff and girl students left Nuagaon and went to Gadaramaha. Gadaramaha is located on the hilltop, which is about 5 hours from Nuagaon. For 2 hours, we had to travel by jeep and the rest of the journey we had to walk in the mountain. In fact, walking in the mountain is very hard and risky. As I was not able to walk so long on the mountain, the 4 local people carried me on the cot that was made by rope. The church is located on the mountain top. Indeed, it was a joyous occasion for all of us to be in Gadaramaha along with the local believers to dedicate the beautiful tin roof church, which is located on the mountain top. We had very good meeting in the daytime and evening. Bishop Dr. Bijoy K. Roul shared the Word of God. The local believers were wonderfully singing, praying and also sharing their testimonies. One of the believers shared that once he was bitten by a poisonous snake bite. The whole church fervently prayed for Him and the Lord healed him.

The village is located on the mountain, where there are lot of snakes and wild animals in the dense forest area. There is also no market or hospital nearby area. One has to walk nearly 2-3 hours in order to avail such facilities. All these programs were conducted in the newly built church.

Annual Prayer Conference at Gadaramaha, Kandhamal, Odisha:

The next day on May 3, 2019 we had our Prayer Conference from morning 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. During the Conference, there was good singing, dancing and praying together by the local believers. Bishop Dr. Bijoy K. Roul shared the Word of God and there were almost 2 thousand people, who were seated on the ground. Some of them also had come from the nearby villages along with their families to attend this Conference. It was also so nice to see, so many hundreds of people were singing and praying together, which really touched our hearts.

The closing ceremony was very challenging as many men, women and young people gave their lives to Christ and accepted the Lord as their Personal Savior. Some of them also rededicated their lives to Christ. We indeed thank and praise the Lord for the Annual Conference. The local believers of Gadaramaha and those who had come to attend the Annual Conference were so happy to host this meeting. After a long time we had this wonderful and blessed conference in Gadaramaha.

Finally, when we were departing from this village, no one in the village was willing to say goodbye to us, as they were so broken and this 2 days of meeting brought us together. We could feel like we belong to one body, that is, the body of Christ. We stayed, slept and also had all our meals together in that village.